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Two Material Valves

two material valves

Proportion and blend regrind and pellets.

Two material valves alternate the material flow from two material sources. Time settings are used to proportion each material. Materials can be drawn from containers or directly from a granulator. When you load from a granulator, it must be emptied at the end of each load. You can set the number of valve cycles to mix the two materials effectively.

2 materia valve body

Heavy duty construction

The body of the two material valve is laser cut from structural steel. It is up to four times thicker than the competitive valves. Made from 304 stainless steel, they are designed to be resistant to abrasion.

vacuum loader for plastics 2 material valve flanged

Parts can be replaced

Both the inlets and cylinders can be replaced and maintained off the valve body. In the event of abrasive wear to the inlet it can be replaced, that means you will not have to buy a new valve. The internal valve seal is replaceable, doubling the life of the valve seal.

2 material valves open

Optional dual solenoid- both valves open option

Standard two material valves operate with a single solenoid causing both valves to move at the same time with the material still flowing. As much as thirty percent of the cycles a valve will close on material disabling the vacuum. When that happens, the entire next load fails. Missing load changes the proportion and can cause grinders to clog. Using two solenoids allows both valves to remain open for a delay between change. With both valves open, the air is reduced, stopping all material flow. Then the valve can close with a clean seal.

10 year warranty for abrasion of stainless steel


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