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Vacuum Loaders - RemoteVac

The next generation of vacuum loaders.

RemoteVac vacuum loaders have changed how materials are loaded to process machines in the plastics industry. There is no filter to clean on the top of your molding machine. That means no more climbing on the molding machine to clean filters. Customers have reduced their cost for workers compensation insurance by reducing their exposure to accidents from falls. There is very little maintenance, and it all takes place at the floor level. RemoteVac vacuum loaders are very quiet with a sound level under 76db. The long-life motors last up to five times longer than brushless motors.

Filterless fines separator

No more cleaning filters and dust all over your machine.

Long-life motors

Due to our large filters our motors last twice as long as brushless motors.

Vacuum loaders, RemoteVac

Lower your insurance Cost!

Customers have lowered their Worker's Compensation cost by proving that they reduced climbing on machines to change filters!

Very quiet under 76 db

You won't miss the loud nosie from your old loaders. RemoteVacs comply with OSHA

RemoteVac Vacuum Loaders - Features

vacuum loader for plastics fines separator

Fines Separator

SR66 vacuum hopper loader

Floor Level Vacuum

Easy-Clean HEPA filter


Very quiet, under 76db

Vacuum loaders, RemoteVac PS8

360 Degree orientation with quick-clamps

Compressed air venturi loader for plastics sensor holder

Food-grade stainless steel

RemoteVac vacuum loader control

Plain-English, PLC Display

Vacuum loader for plastics clamp-on inlet

Clamp-On material hose

RemoteVac vacuum chamber material valve

Center balanced valve

RemoteVac vacuum loader, powder filter

Reverse-flow filter cleaning

10 year warranty for abrasion of stainless steel

10 Year warranty for abrasion on stainless steel.

RemoteVac Vacuum Loaders, Vacuum Chambers

RemoteVac Vacuum Loaders, Options

Rare earth magnet

Drop-in rare earth magnet

Compressed air venturi loader for plastics sight-glass

Sight-glasses, 2", 3", 4", 6"

Vacuum loader for plastics hopper extension

Hopper extension

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