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MovaColor, world leader in color and additive feeders.

MovaColor, color feeders, for injection molders,  are installed all over the world. They are the world leader in design, applications and installations. The offer a wide range of solutions for the most challenging applications. We offer both gravimetric and volumetric color feeders.

MCBalance, gravimetric

Movacolor color feeder MCBalance

Automatic calibration, data collection

The MCBalance is the world's most popular gravimetric feeder. Color changes are possible in less than 60 seconds. The unique dosing cylinders have an accurate pulse free delivery.

Movacolor MCBalance standard control
MCBalance Standard Control

MC Series, volumetric

Movacolor color feeders, MC12

Accurate, economy feeder

The MC Series volumetric feeder leads the way in repeatability. The stepper motor delivers high-resolution accuracy with variation typical with gear motors.

Movacolor color feeder mc12 control
MC Series Standard Control

Extrusion - Measure the Rate of the Incoming Material.

MovaColor, MCWeigh

The MovaColor MCWeigh measures the rate of the primary material providing adaptive control of the feeders. You won’t have to guess your rate or make adjustments as you make changes to your process. The feeders will adapt to the changes, keeping the additives in proportion.

MovaColor Color Feeders - Features

MovaColor Color Feeders - Options

Calculate Grams Per Second.

Build Your Color Feeder.

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