RemoteVac Hopper Loaders

  • No heavy motor on the lid
  • No filter in the chamber
  • Very quiet
  • Floor level maintenance
  • Large self-cleaning HEPA filter
  • Food grade stainless steel chamber
  • No more dust all over your machine

Prices start at $1735

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PS8 Vacuum chamber series drawing

PS14 Vacuum chamber series drawing


RemoteVac Packaged Hopper Loader Systems

Load up to 6 hoppers.

Pre-wired and ready to go.

Air valves are integral to the frame.

Air valves compressed air fittings are installed.

Load with any vacuum chamber

Optional color touch screen display

Starting prices

2 Stations $3660

6 Stations $8080

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Vacuum chambers - what you need to know

Two material valves - What you need to know

RemoteVac hopper loader control

remotevac hopper loader control with two material valve