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HL Series, Low Cost Venturi Hopper Loaders

A HL Series compressed air venturi hopper loader is a low-cost solution for loading a hopper. The material sensor is in the hopper below the loader. The sensor requires a 1.25″ hole in the side-wall. HL loaders feature a large cartridge filter and heavy stainless steel construction. HL loaders use the same energy-efficient 8- port venturi that the CA series loader use. Most importantly, it runs less than four minutes per hour at 50 pounds per hour. An internal rare earth magnet is optional. The optional no-load alarm will sound when no material is loaded. The stainless steel parts have a 10-year warranty for abrasive wear.

Lowest cost

Our lowest cost hopper loader.

energy efficient

The HL series loader use the same energy efficient venturi as our most advanced loaders.

compressed air venturi loader HL

Stainless Steel

Food-grade polished stainless steel.

Quick clamp access

The quick clamp system provides easy access and 360 degree orientation.

HL Series venturi hopper loader features

compressed air venturi loader venturi wand

3 in 1 wand

compressed air venturi loader HL

Dust-free with clamp-on assembly.

8 port venturi

Energy efficient venturi

Vacuum loader for plastics clamp-on inlet

Clamp-On Hose

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