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Compressed air powered venturi loaders have come a long way over the past decade. Most loaders run less than four minutes an hour on a 300-ton injection molding machine. Two material loaders can prevent moisture regain and blend on the machine throat.

Economy venturi loaders for plastics economy

CA3 - Economy compressed air venturi loaders

CA3 series loaders are designed to load up to 200 pounds per hour. They offer the best value and quality. No other loader offers the same relyability an ease of access.

CA62 Just in Time Loader

CA6 series - A process driven design.

CA6 series, one and two material, loaders are proven to reduce part defects and increase the amount of regrind processed. They are virtually maintenance free. Dust and fines are evenly distributed in the mix adding to your profit.

Compressed air venturi loader that removes dust CAD2

CAD Series - Loaders that remove dust.

If fines cause black specs and other part defects you can remove them with CAD series loaders. You increase your regrind and reduce part defects from flash, shorts, splay, and color variations.

Hopper loader, venturi

HL Series - Lowest cost hopper loader.

If you are looking for the lowest cost solution to load a hopper, this is the compressed air venturi loader for you. All you have to do is mount the switch in your hopper.

CAV compressed air vacuum loader

CAV - Motorless vacuum loaders.

Do you want the relyability of compressed air without pressure on your hopper or color feeder? CAV series loaders load up to 200 pounds per hour at press-side. They are recommended for pellets and powders.

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Advanced Auxiliary Equipment is a manufacturer of quality pneumatic conveying, blending, and destoning equipment for the Chemical, Food, and Plastics industry. Our manufacturing facility in Shacklefords Virginia features metal fabrication, welding, polishing, assembly, and 3d printing.

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