Select the right compressed air loader

Compressed air loaders are the most economical solution for conveying up to 200 pounds per hour. Add a self-cleaning filter and on the machine blending and you will see your down time and bad parts drop - big time.

Compressed air loaders

CA3 Economy Loaders

If you have limited funds and clean pellets or regrind, this is the loader for you.

Starting at $875

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CA6 Premium "Just In Time" Loaders

1 & 2 Material Loaders

Self-Cleaning Loaders

PLC Control, set time in tenths of a second.

Polished food grade stainless steel.

10 Year warranty for abrasive wear.

Starting at $1,850

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CA6 Series Drawing

CAD venturi loaders that remove fines & dust.

Help prevent black specs.

1 & 2 material loaders.

Stainless Steel

Starting at $1,395

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CAV Compressed air motor-less vacuum loader

No electric motor!

Load up to 200 pounds per hour

Does not pressurize the receiver

Fast cycle capable

Powder rated filter

Food grade stainless steel

Dust free operation

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CA6 Compressed air loader set-up.