Movacolor color feeders

MovaColor is the world leader in precision color feeders. They sell more feeders in one year than most companies have ever sold. 

The MCBalance is the most advanced gravimetric feeder available. Feeders are available for both injection molding and extrusion.

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The affordable MC Series volumetric feeders offer precise control at a low price. They offer the same stepper motors and dosing systems used by the MCBalance.

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The MCTwin is a gravimetric feeder that feeds both color and regrind. it can adapt to changes in regrind even when you cannot use all of the regrind you produce.



Select the right dosing tool.

The key to successful operation of a color feeder is selecting the right dosing tool. Movacolor offer many different dosing tools to match any application. It is best to use the smallest dosing tool that will deliver the additive needed. 


Use this work sheet to select the right feeder. You can review several jobs to determine the grams per second and the resulting dosing tool. Available options can be added,