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"Just In Time" Venturi Loaders

CA3 Economy venturi loaders for plastics

CA3 Economy Loader

CA3 series “just in time” loaders are a great value. They are food-grade stainless steel with a 10 year warranty.

HL Compressed air Hopper Loader

HL Hopper Loader

Do you want to load a hopper or dryer? it comes with a proximity switch that you can put at the fill level you want.

CA62 Just in Time Loader

CA6 Process Driven Loaders

CA6 series “just in time” loaders” blend on the machine and you will never have to clean the filter. You can dramatically improve your process and reduce rejects and down time.

Compressed air venturi loader that removes dust CAD1

Loaders that Remove Fines

Reduce rejects from black specs and processing problems caused by dust and fines. CAD venturi loaders are the best way to remove fines and dust.

Vacuum Loaders

RemoteVac vacuum loader system

RemoteVac Vacuum Loader

RemoteVac loaders have no filter in the chamber to clean — no more dust all over your machine. Floor level maintenance may reduce your insurance cost.

CAV compressed air vacuum loader

Motorless Vacuum Loader

CAV motorless vacuum loaders combine the advantages of a venturi loader with a vacuum loader. They can convey up to 200 pounds per hour. Self-cleaning filters are standard.

Regrind Management Systems

Granulator unloader kit

Grinder, Unloader

Grinder unloading kits are a low-cost solution to keeping your grinders empty. Empty grinders do not clog!

LIFO Granulator by-pass unloading system

LIFO Regrind By-Pass System

Do you generate more regrind than you can return to the process? LIFO regrind by-pass system will store excess regrind and return dried regrind to the process before it regains moisture.

MovaColor, Color Feeders

Movacolor color feeder MCBalance

Feeders for Injection Molding & Extrusion

MovaColor is the world's largest producer of gravimetric and volumetric color feeders. We are the best source for sales, technical service, repairs, and on-site training.

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